Audition for Sians

Since you are here, I take it that you are musically Talented, and that you are considering to help us with Sians. I feel that I should warn you from this very Moment, that –at least for the begining– there is no profit for you. In fact, there isn't any Profit for us. We do what we do out of pure Love for our Music and Songs. We want you to do the same. This isn't to say, that we do not consider your Work valuable. Priceless as it might be, we are on our own. We are basically just starting out as a Band, and there is no Label to support us, since we haven't sent any PromoCDs to Labels yet. Everything we do is self-badgeted. Of course, If you want to help us with your Talent in any Way, you will not have to make any Expenses yourself!

What we are looking for

The following List is not a strict one. If you think you can help Sians in any other way, please feel free to let us know!

  • Alto and/or Soprano Vocals
  • Violins and Violas
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Recorders
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon and/or Rackett
  • Tuba and/or Euphonium
  • Trombone
  • Lute and/or Guitar
  • Mandolin and/or Bouzouki
  • Keyboard Instruments
  • Flute
  • Orchestral Percussion
  • Harp

For recording Music, your Location makes no real Difference. However, for live Appearances, if you live in Greece it will make Things easier. Recording and performing Live are two different Things, so don't hesitate to show your Interest in any of these, even though the other one might not interest you.

What you might want to use

Here I will be adding Material that might help you show us what you can do. Feel free to record on top of them your Singing or musical Instrument, and send it to us. Feel free to improvise as well.

How to send

Send an email Message to, with the following:

  1. your Name
  2. your Location
  3. your Talent(s)
  4. anything else you might want to let us know
  5. your Music File as an attachment

The Attachment

The File should be in either mp3 or ogg Format, and no bigger than 6Mbytes. If you have a bigger File, try dropping it's Quality to less kbps. 96kbps should be fine for this Purpose.

What to expect

If you do not receive a Reply within 48 Hours, it means that your email never made it to us. We will reply to all Audition Messages sent to

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