Technical Details

Ok, a lot of People are asking Questions regarding how I built this Website, where it is hosted, and similar technical Questions. This small Page will hopefully answer your Questions.


I wrote the Website "by Hand", in pure Strict XHTML 1.1 with CSS using vim, my favorite Text Editor. All Graphics were created and edited with the GIMP.

For the Programming and the dynamic Content, I exclusively use Python which has become my favorite Programming Language. For Data Storage I use flat Files and SQLite Databases.

For the Statistics, all I use is simple Unix tools: cat, grep, sed & wc, all working together through a powerful shell.

The Website should be viewable with any Web Browser, but I would advise you not to use Mιcrosoft's.

Powered by OpenBSD


Our Server's name is zermelo, a Computer running OpenBSD, my favorite Operating System. That's all you need to know. I am the sysadmin for the system.

Thanos Tsouanas