A short biographic Note on Sians

Sians started being a Band along Time ago. Only, when it started forming as an Idea, it was not so much a complete Band as an One-man-band. Thanos of Sians had been writing Music since his early Teens and after the Encouragement of Friends and Family, who felt that he had Talent enough, continued to get involved with composing and arranging Pieces of Music.

After releasing a Demo with a Band he had formed with school Friends, he experimented with different Ideas about Songs, different Sounds and Styles of Music. Some Time after, the Idea of having his Work brought out into the Public started to seem more appealing and having already an extended Inventory of both completed and unfinished Songs he started considering searching for a Singer that could perform his Songs.

In 1999, an acquaintance with Iraklis, led to the two of them considering working together on several Songs. Iraklis was already involved in another Band in Heraklion, Crete ('Arkenstone'), but was always happy to Sing for a Friend or two when in company. The melodic voice of Iraklis enthralled Thanos who immediately asked him to join Sians and become the Singer for the Band. The first Attempt was made in a Studio they found and a limited Number of Songs were recorded. However, the Result did not appeal to both of them as deserving of their Effort, Love for Music and personal Satisfaction and hence, the Recording was never brought to the Light.

When Iraklis came to Athens, they both decided this was the best Time for them to work hard on the Sians Songs and Lyrics in order to release a Promo that they would distribute to record Labels and see what Interest they would stir up. Inspired by Poetry by Mary Leapor and Percy Shelley they selected some of the Poets' Work as their Lyrics. Armed with Patience and lots of Ideas they conducted endless recording Sessions until they could get the Songs to sound as they had imagined and planned.

On October 8th 2003, the Sians Promo was finally released, the Result of a fair amount of input in Time, Inspiration and Love for Music and their personal Entertainment. So far, Opinions of Friends say that the Music the Band has produced is of great Quality and that both musically and vocally, Sians are in their best Shape.

Written by Irina.

Copyright ©2003 – 2006 Thanos Tsouanas. All Rights Reserved.