How to use

This Help is for People who are using graphical Web Browsers, like Firefox, Opera, Dillo, the one of Mιcrosoft, etc. I'm pretty sure that users of Lynx or other text-based Browsers are able to use without any Problems.

the Header

On the top of each Page, there is a small header Image. You can't do much about it, and it won't do much about you. Look at it, like it, read the small quotes, look at it again. You got the Picture.

the Menu

Right below the Header, you can spot the Menu. Use the Menu! Each time you click on one of its Links, you will get transferred to the corresponding Section, and this Item will now be bold, white and underlined.

Many Sections of our Website have Subsections into them. Please, after you have clicked on Menu Item, check the Menu again, for if there are are Subsection, a new Menu line will be added right below the first one. It's Text Color should be Purple, just to draw your Attention. Subsections might have further Sub-Subsections into them, and so on. Each time, a new Line will be added to the Menu.

Some Sections are hidden, in the sense that they do not appear on the Menu. For Instance, consider the Mary Leapor Subsection of the Poetry Section. Inside it, there are several Sub-subsections containing Poetry of Mrs. Leapor, but the only way to access them is via the the Links that can be found in the Main Body.

the Main Body

You should be able to spot it. This is where the actual Content is. Read it and click on the various Links that you may find there.

the Sidebar

To the right of the Main Body, lies the Sidebar. There you can find Information regarding News, Updates, Statistics, or anything else, relevant to

Below the Sidebar lies a Treat for you. It's a small Box with a nice Quote, taken from one of Mary Leapor's Poems. Read, respect & admire...

the Footer

On the very bottom of the Website, you can find the Footer. Not much you can do with it, just read the Copyright Notice. You can regard the small Images there as short Credits and Certificates. If you don't know what they stand for, you probably don't have to worry about them.