Thanos Tsouanas

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I was born in 22 Feb 1983. I live in Athens, Greece. I study Math (which I love) at the University of Athens. I like Ale and RPGs. I also love some selected Poetry. I like The Simpsons & South Park a lot, while I hate TV. I also hate Politics & Religion Fanatics.

I'm into Computers and a big Fan of free & open Source Software, and especially of OpenBSD, my favorite Operating System, and the only one which has never let me down. I've worked as a web Developer and Administrator for a major Radio Station of Athens, called Alpha News 98.7 and also had similar Jobs in the past.

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My personal Website is, while another Website regarding myself as a music Composer can be reached at (under construction).


I was no older than 7 Years old when my Parents bought a Piano for me and my Sister to practice and learn how to play. As it was a bit natural and expected for me, I was a bit of a disappointment for the Piano Teacher. I never practiced anything she ever asked us to, and after no more than three Years, I (finally) quit! ...And the Piano was left untouched for a couple of Years or so, which is when I bought my first Guitar (an electric one) and started practicing it on my own. After some practice, I started visiting my Piano again. It seemed much nicer and I was free to play whatever I wanted, the way I wanted it.

It was about then when I started composing Music. Of course, I had no Band then and whatever I would compose was "doomed" to stay either on Paper or on a badly recorded Tape. No longer than a Year passed and I bought another Guitar, this time a classical one. For about two Months I'd been visiting an astonishing Guitarist, Stefanos Papagiannis, next to whom I learned a lot of things.

After all that, I started using my Computer for composing. I found a Sequencer and started composing Music there, creating MIDI Files, and recording many, many Songs. I had no Synths so I had to do with the sound Card's MIDI Sounds, which sounded awful! Nevertheless, it was a good Start. The need of some good Synths became clear immediately and I started saving Money.

About three-hundred Compositions later, on a summer vacation Trip in Creta, I met Iraklis: I was staying in my friend's Dimitris Petrakis' House. There I heard a greek rock Song, in which Iraklis was singing. I didn't know him, but his Voice captured my full Attention. I was very glad to know that he was a Friend of Dimitris and that I could actually meet him. At the other end of the Band, Iraklis had listened from Dimitris (to whom I had given some of my MIDI Files) various of my Compositions, which he had loved. It didn't take a long Time for us to meet and, after listening to the way he could sing english Lyrics, start working together. Along with him I met another Friend of both his and Dimitris, Christos Tarantilis. He played the Guitar and had composed many a Songs! We three spent whole Summers playing and composing Music, and Iraklis filled the Gap in the Voice section of Sians, who were –finally– no more an One-man-band.

It was not much later, that I started buying more and more musical Instruments. Currently I possess more than thirty and I play most of them as much as I like, though I have no Time nor the needed Will to start attending Lessons to any of them. Dimitris Gouzios, an excellent Cello Player & Teacher should not be left unmentioned, since he is the only Person with whom I have studyied another musical Instrument, my Cello. I'm grateful since he is willing to cope with my strange Schedule and Mood: During a Period of almost five Months we have had only three Lessons!

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