This List is far from complete. We are sure that a lot of Names have been forgotten. The Order of the Names on the Thanks-to List is random. Reload the page to be convinced.

Poetic Material

As it has been mentioned again and again through this Website, we do not write Lyrics. On each Poem that you may read here, please pay special Attention to the Poet. We are grateful to them!

Photographic Material

The background Photograph, which happens to be the Cover of our "Dream of the last Sleep" album, is created by Melanie Petraki. All of the other Photographs are Property of our dear Friend and Photographer, Giorgos Kapetanakis.

Thank you very much!!!

If you are interested in using any of the photographic Material, you have to ask the Artists before you do so. Thank you.

Influential Artists

Respect, Greetings and Thanks go to the following Artists:

Thanks & Hello to the following Friends...

  • Irina Kalliamvakou, supportive since the beginning, website's error-detector
  • Our Parents
  • Dimitris Gouzios
  • Panagiotis Spagopoulos
  • Giorgos Kalliamvakos
  • Richard Lederer: looking forward to seeing you again!!
  • Matoula Petrolia, whose scanner we are constantly using!
  • Nikitas Skemvris, who was very encouraging and informative regarding the new Webserver. If it hadn't been for him, we would probably still be hosted by our old & lame hosting Company.
  • Evagelos Raptis, my teacher for Algebra on the math's university of Athens. Also supporter, friend and fan of the band!
  • Irini Ebony
  • Stefanos Papagiannis
  • Giorgos Kapetanakis, our photographer. Thanks for your talent, time and patience!
  • Sofia Gardelinou
  • Christos Tarantilis EPOS, a guitarist-at-hand for the band
  • Leonidas Skiadas (Dark Sun) & Giorgos Tsakanikas at Epikoinonia 94.0 FM Radio Station
  • Mary "Mathemagician" Chlouveraki, Algebra master
  • Panos Tsaknias
  • Dimitris Petrakis & Melanie Petraki
  • Eva Tsouana, the best sister I ever had!
  • The OpenBSD Project for powering this Website and for many more Reasons.
  • Stathis Lytras
  • Nikos Serganis & "Good For Nothing"
  • Nikos Makris
  • Vaggelis Angelakis
  • Kenny Peere, Matthijs Hamers & 'Lotte Coudeville
  • Apostolos Kourtis, Kaph Reel Amass Taire! Also tracker and book-detective for Mary Leapor's original books.
  • Michail Dimakos, Calculus master! Few hours with him as a teacher replace whole semesters. No need for me to study if he is around.
  • Anna Theona & Miltos for all their support and promotion!

He'll never read these Lines...

A short Credit, for Iasonas Tzoufras (R.I.P.): I will never forget such a Person and Friend... Thank you for Everything! You rock!!


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