Contacting Sians...

Well, this is where you can find us! Whether there is something that you mean to ask us, or anything you might want from us, let us know. Don't hesitate to send Mail (either snail or e-mail) or call us. We hope we'll be hearing soon from you.

Thanos Tsouanas

Send email to and real Mail to

Thanos Tsouanas, I. Maratou 56, 15771, Athens, GREECE

Phone Number: +30 6977 985732

Iraklis Horaitis

Send email to

Phone Number: +30 6993 583061

Other Ways to contact us


You can find us both on the IRC Channel #sians, located at the GRnet IRC Server. We log on from Time to Time.

In order to connect, you need an IRC Client, like ChatZilla, which is embedded in Mozilla or you can use mIRC. The Commands you need to type are the following:

/server /nick type_a_nickname_here /join #sians

If you still cannot connect to IRC (don't know how, or you are behind a network Firewall) give a try to its java web Interface:

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