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Giorgos Kapetanakis

How could our Friend Giorgos be missing from this Section of the Website? With the exception of the Background, all other Photographs you'll see on this Website, were shot by him. A keen Artist, willing to go to the most unusual Places for a Shot, he is definately the Sians Photographer.

Related Bands & Projects


Iraklis' personal Project. He writes all Songs, performs the Guitars and sings as well. Uses Lyrics by J.R.R. Tolkien exclusively.. (who can blame him) Words can't describe the marvellous Feelings his singing expresses, but you can download one Song of this project and hear for yourself, though the Recording is a "quick & dirty" one. Here it is:

An Album will soon be released, but for more Information, Interviews, Bookings, etc. you should contact Iraklis personally.

Yet unnamed...

Well, this is my own 'other' Project. It has no Name yet, though a lot of Songs are composed, but not recorded. The Lyrics will be greek, and the Style is similar with that of Sians, though slightly more modern. There will be more Members than just me and Iraklis. Expect a recorded Promo during the Summer.

I will develop a whole new Website when I have more free Time.

Echoes of Silence

A great and emotional Work. Iraklis sings and Christos composes, arranges, writes most Lyrics and performs the classical Guitars. Melancholic Mood and theatrical Performance. A sample mp3 follows:

Contact Christos for more Information, or if you are interested in a Copy of the EOS Promo.


Iraklis is the one who started Arkenstone, a heavy/power metal Band from Heraklion, Creta. He is the Song-writer and Guitarist. He also does the backing Vocals. I never understood why, but it's his Band, and his Choice. Blind Guardian and In Flames are their main Influence.

I will add a sample from Arkenstone soon. It will be one of the few Songs where Iraklis sings the leading Vocals. Till then, feel free to contact him for whatever else you might want.

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