Miscellaneous Poems

Here you can find various Poems that we have used with our Music. Keep in Mind that this Art is their own. We have nothing to do with it, other than using it in our Songs.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

August 1792 - 5 August 1822

On 5 August 1822 the London Courier announced: "Shelley, the Writer of some infidel Poetry, has been drowned; now he knows whether there is a God or not".

Percy Bysshe Shelley was born in August 1792, son of the prosperous and conventional Timothy Shelley, soon to become an M.P. His eary Life, at Field Place in Sussex, was happy, with an adoring Company of younger Sisters (a domestic Situation he seems to have attempted to replicate throughout his Life). But his School Days were wretched: at Eton he was known as "mad Shelley" and "atheist Shelley". He was already writing "Gothick" Tales and his Career at Oxford was cut short when he, with his Friend and Roommate Thomas Jefferson Hogg published a Pamphlet, The Necessity of Atheism.

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Nicholas Triarchos

Nicholas Triarchos is a Poet from Cyprus I've met five or four Years ago. He has written several Poems, and worked as a Musician with quite a lot of Bands and musical Projects.

Here you can find Poetry of his we have used in our Songs. There should not be a Need to remind you that all this is his mental Work & Property. You are not allowed to use any of Nicholas Triarchos Poems without his Permission.

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Lisa Smedman

Lisa Smedman has written several Adventures and Stories for TSR Inc. Here, you will find one Poem that was taken from the Castles Forlorn Adventure for the Ravenloft Campaign Setting.

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