Mary Leapor

26 Feb 1722 – 12 Nov 1746

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Brought up in Brackley, Northamptonshire, the Daughter of a Gardener, and educated only within Her Family, Mary Leapor worked as Her Father's Housekeeper after Her Mother's Death in 1742. She wrote Poetry that came to the Attention of Bridget Freemantle, a Member of the local Gentry. Freemantle encouraged Mary to publish in London, but She died of the measles before Her only Book, Poems upon Several Occasions (1748, reissued in 1751), came out.

More Information on both Her and Her Poems will be available later. Until then, you'll propably find more than you want to know on the following Websites:

Her Work in Sians Songs

Up to now we have recorded two of Mary Leapor's Poems:

Gradually more and more Poetry of Hers will bejewel our Music. It will be a great Honour if we manage to musically enhance all of Her work.

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