Promo 2003

On October 8th, 2003 we released our first official CD, a Promo for the forthcoming Album "Dream of the last Sleep". It took me some Time to find a Company to reproduce the CD and a printing Office for the CD Envelopes. Finally, 1000 Copies were burned and Envelopes were printed.


  1. Sample from Hellas #1 (mp3)
  2. Sample from Hellas #2 (mp3)
  3. Sample from Hellas #3 (mp3)
  4. Sample from An Epistle to a Lady #1
  5. Sample from An Epistle to a Lady #2 (mp3)
  6. Sample from An Epistle to a Lady #3
  7. Sample from An Epistle to a Lady #4 (mp3)
  8. Sample from An Epistle to a Lady #5 (mp3)
  9. Sample from An Epistle to a Lady #6 (mp3)
  10. Sample from Mira's Will #1 (mp3)
  11. Sample from Mira's Will #2
  12. Sample from Mira's Will #3 (mp3)
  13. Sample from heavy rearrangement version of Mira's Will (mp3)
  14. Sample from Lament of the Dead (mp3)
  15. Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Hellas" (mp3)
  16. Mary Leapor's "An Epistle to a Lady" (mp3)

What we like about the Promo

Well the CD is both printed and recorded very well, with very few exceptions in a couple of Songs where the Sound "peaks", while it shouldn't. Other than that, we like the Songs, especially track 15, Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Hellas" since this is the only mixed and properly arranged Song of the cd.

What we don't

about the Songs

We had not much Time to record all of the Songs, the way we wanted. Only one of them is mixed, and none of them is mastered!! Nevertheless, it's our first, self-badgeted Work!

about the printing of the Cover

Well, the printing is awful! Unfortunately the Envelopes for the one thousand Copies were printed and I had paid for them! Hence, I could not afford another set of thousand Copies to be re-printed elsewhere, elsehow.

The CD Envelope is way too dark, the Ink is drifting away even with the slightest Stretch and Fingers are getting dark after handling it.

It is also very tight, which means that the CD can get trapped inside! You'll need Patience to get it out! Lastly, it is almost certain that it will spread wide open after some Time. It has been glued with some kind of Silicon (why?) which apparently isn't any good for this type of Surfaces. What you'll need to do is to rip the silicon Glue out and use some ordinary, paper Glue, like UHU or miki.

I am sorry, everyone, but it is not my fault! I'll try not to make the same mistake in the future.

P.S.: The Opening for the CD is on the left-hand Side of the Envelope. My bad!

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