Audio files

Here you will find some audio Clips in mp3 Format to download. Feel free to share them, Music is copyrighted so we worry not for Anything. Right-click on the Links, and choose to download the Link somewhere on your hard Drive.

ALL Music is copyrighted Material, under Laws of Greece.

Note on the Lyrics:

NONE of the following Songs' Lyrics were written by us. In fact they are Works of great Poets. For more Information about this Poetry, please check the Poetry Section. Thank you.

Recordings from our PromoCD

The following mp3s were ripped from our PromoCD. I wouldn't upload the "sample" Files from Hellas and An Epistle to a Lady but I received various Emails from People with slow Connections who couldn't download the full Songs. So, here they are. If you can download the full Songs, then you won't need the samples from them.. (obviously)

However, on Songs such as Mira's Will and Lament of the Dead, the full Version is not nearly ready, so you can only download Samples from them.

Please note:

NONE of the following Songs is properly mixed. In fact, only Hellas is mixed, poorly. The rest of the Songs are neither mixed nor mastered.

Unreleased Material


  • unreleased: This is the musical Piece I wrote for the christmas Competition of the Hero Quest 6 computer Game: Fairies (instrumental).
    (1:54, about 1.9MBytes, 128 kb/s, 44.1KHz, j-stereo)

Not Sians, but related...

Thanos Tsouanas & the BiG Nosed Ants



The following mp3 is taken from the forthcoming Album of Iraklis' personal project, Herc.

Echoes of Silence

This is an mp3 ripped from the Promo of EOS, which was released in 2003.

Copyright ©2003 – 2006 Thanos Tsouanas. All Rights Reserved.