Archived Sians News (2004)

July – August
  • I visited Creta, where Iraklis lives and we performed some of our Songs in the Woods. We also played Mira's Will right after a live Appearance of "Anamnisis", a greek rock Band in which Iraklis is singing.
  • Another piano instrumental Song is ready. I'm saving money to record it at Sierra Studio so as to achieve the best recording Quality possible.
  • More and more Music is constantly being composed. A lot of inspiring Feelings fill this Summer for me. I hope some of them will fit in our first full-length Album.
April – June
  • I am currently in search for Musicians, for both live Performances and studio Recordings.
  • An Album from Iraklis' personal Project, "Herc" is slowly being recorded. You can download one sample from the Multimedia Section.
  • Some new Songs have been written, and they will hopefully be recorded during the Summer.
  • There is a great Chance for us to appear live as a support Band for a great Band the following Year, in Greece.
  • I received some scholarship Money, which I plan to turn into another musical Instrument. Not sure what though...
  • Iraklis had to leave one Day earlier than it had originally been planned. He is back in Heraklion now, and so we didn't have time to record the Vocals of a new Song we are preparing.
  • Even though the final Results of the aforementioned musical Competition have not been announced yet, the Song I have composed has been well accepted. The Crew behind the Game Hero Quest 6 has invited me to join them in their Effort. I am now a Member of Hero6's music Crew.
  • Iraklis is in Athens, and we are preparing some new Material. Expect more Info on this page.
  • Iraklis will come to Athens somedate around the 15th, and we will be recording some new Material during this Month. Check back here for a Report on the Recordings.
  • A great alto baroque Recorder and a wonderful cello have been added to my musical Instruments Inventory, both unbelievable Gifts. I play and practice them a lot lately.

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