Archived Sians News (2003)

  • is up! The Site is no longer hosted at Update your Bookmarks! The Email which is printed on the PromoCD does not work either. Check the "Contact" Section for correct Addresses.
  • The Song for the Hero Quest 6 Contest is ready! You will find it under the Multimedia Section.
  • I got the domain Name Soon this Website will get transferred there.
  • I am composing and arranging an instrumental Piece of Music which I intend to use as a Soundtrack for a forthcoming, fantasy/adventure computer Game. I will add it on the Website as soon as it is finished.
  • I got a Job, to work as a web Developer for some People. It should get me some Money, so more musical Instruments are to be bought! Also, expect our next Live to be rehearsed, and with more Musicians and Instruments!
  • A lot of record Labels are about to recieve our PromoCD this Month. Hope it's not considered spammy, and that they will give some of their precious Time to listen to it. Thank you in advance!
  • Exam Period starts on the Mathematics Department of the University of Athens. What does this have to do with anything? Well I am a Maths Student so my Time will be consumed till the end of November.

Well... a lot of things happened this Month!

  • Friday, 31st (Halloween)

    Phone rings and its our friend Anna; she informs us that there will be a Halloween Party at the Club 8 Dytika and that they wanted a DJ for the Night. Iraklis was interested so he became this Party's DJ.

    The Party's started, and it turns out to be a H.I.M. live Party and not a Haloween one. Three Bands were to perform live and all they played was H.i.M. Songs!! Other than that the Music ranged from Darkwave to Industrial, to Metal, to Sians (why not?), to anything else, other than H.I.M.. The live Bands seemed enough.

    The last (not really... read on) live Band is playing their final Song and Iraklis comes to me, asking me to perform live. We liked his Idea and so we decided to perform one Song, Mira's Will. Iraklis suggested some last-minute Changes for the Song since it would really be altered from orchestric to acoustic. Unrehearsed as we were, we performed the Song and left.

  • Giorgos Tsakanikas from Epikoinonia 94.0 FM Radio Station broadcasted one of our Songs, "Hellas"! We thank him for his kind Words.
  • Wednesday, 8th: Finally my Doorbell rang and one thousand Copies of the Sians PromoCD were delivered. I started distributing them immediately!
  • The Sians Website was created and uploaded on the Server of the Maths University.

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